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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Klart skepp!

Unlike certain other countries, such as the one you're in, we have sane copyright laws here. But we also have polar bears roaming the streets and attacking pople :-(.
The Pirate Bay

Altough many may be inclined to believe that the Swedes and the Dutch are a bunch of useless hash-monkey racists and genetic freaks, they are actually pretty damn cool, and along with democratic socialist governments that aren't dominated by multi-national corporations, they also have quite a sense of humor.

The Pirate Bay is one of the few remaining outlets where the warez hungry masses can still satisfy their hunger, and after the rolling wave of torrent site takedowns their "last man standing" status has made them larger and stronger than ever - now boasting 1.5-2 million users at any given time, rivaling, in terms of membership, the size of all the sites the MPAA/FBI have taken down combined.

While I have no doubt that they will eventually go down like the rest, there is certainly something to be said with going out in style, or at least with as much juvenile piss-taking as possible.

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