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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Good Read

The New York Times has a nice article on Alexander Shulgin, the preeminent recreational chemist of the past few decades. It is well worth the read.

Dr. Ecstacy

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Iran: Hijackers Escape Execution The head of the country's judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi blocked the hanging of three convicted hijackers, scheduled for yesterday. His intervention was partly an effort to end the practice of executing minors, the daily Etemad reported.

-N.Y. Times (1.20.05)
Now even Iran is leading us on human rights. The horror.


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Friday, January 07, 2005

Get Educated Bitch

From UrbanDictionary.com:
American culture
    An oxymoron

Puto of The Month

William Rehnquist

From Nebur's World

5 Minutes Hate

Can somebody stick a needle in me? Please... I don't even care what's in it - as long as it fucks me up.

Congress certified the vote today, and "it's official," we've got ourselves a president. One that this pathetic fucked up country truely fucking deserves.

Not to be dramatic, but I say "a plague on both your houses!" Republicans and Democrats alike, you can all go to hell. I hate America. Political affiliation is an afterthought.

I will never vote for a Democrat or Republican again. And I mean it.

If there is a god, hopefully he will strike me dead before the next election, but if not, I'll vote a straight Socialist ticket, and it will be much more meaningful than any of the votes I cast this year.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Get Crunk

I now have the pleasure of presenting to you what is quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread: CRUNK-HOUSE!

I have been a huge fan of crunk, and for a while now I have been thinking that it would be bad ass to combine hard-house beats with elements of the crunk sound, and then throw some crazy fucking rap over the top.

Sadly, I am really lazy, and also have no manner of production skill whatsoever, so there have been some obstacles to bringing this concept to fruition.

Well, I have finally done it. It may not be much. Just a one bar beat, and a really simple baseline, with Little Jon's Get Crunk - pitched way the fuck - up playing over the top. But I have to say that I was 100% right in believing that the result would kick major ass. Hopefully when I have some time I will be able to expound on the concept a bit.

With no further ado, download this shit and turn it the fuck up.


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