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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?

[Yeah, it's vain-glorious and self-indulgent, but I love debating people. Here, I go up against a right-wing pro-life idiot. Naturally, I do nothing but light this paper tiger the fuck up, and leave him - and me - smoking.]

This is a long running argument, but this ass hat starts to get on my tits with this quote.
i agree with quite a bit of what you are saying except the part where you say "women should have the choice in a democratic society".. THis would fail to uphold in America as according to multiple polls and research studies... only %16 feel abortions should be legal all of the time under any circumstance while 55% feel the way i do and believe abortions should ONLY be legal if birthing will put a great risk on the soon to be mother or chil'd health.
The second I read this, my bullshit meter is deep in the red, so I call him out.
This is a LIE. Prove it.

[I hope you have some time (as well as your cock) on your hands, cause you'll be googl'ing a long time to try and back up this crock of shit.]
Or not...
wow.. you truely are an immature child....


now.. when you say "goopgling for a long time" do you mean 0.18 seconds? because thats how long the search took and it was listed under the very first site listed.

so bite your tongue, and go back to the MTV forums or wherever it was you decided to crawl out of and troll around.

good day.
Does "goopgling" have something to do with anal sex? I'm not sure if I want to know. What I do know is that I don't take well to people who try to talk down to me.
I'm so glad you replied. Too bad those stats are from a summary, and they are 6 years old anyway.

For a broad range of actual numbers from recent polls, go here.


What the REAL polls say is that ~25% support abortion in all cases, ~14% support it in general, but with greater restrictions, ~38% support for life/rape/incest, and a meager ~15% are dumb enough to support abortion only in cases where a woman's life is at risk.

And on the question of "In general, do you think the Court's decision [on roe v. wade] was a good thing or a bad thing?" a solid majority (in one poll 59%) say it was a good thing.

**A few suggestions**

1) When reading poll figures, it is a good thing to carefully consider the wording of the questions. In the poll you link to, the 16% figure is for people who believe that abortion "should be legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy." This would include the abortion of viable fetuses, up to the moment of natural birth. Probably the only people who answered yes to that were the ones who didn't understand the question.

2) Respect and contempt - both earned - are two sides of the same coin. When you cite phony statistics in a lame attempt to give an aura of credibility to an argument you could not otherwise sustain, you gain all of the latter and lose all of the former.

3) I'm an American, and despite everything, I am - within reason - proud of that. Don't go on an international website and misrepresent my country to be full of ignorant trash like yourself and expect me to treat you nicely.
Marcy son - what.
proud to be American?? you don;t even have the slightest clue what it is to be American. Hell.. you agree that the court system should make laws not the people... that's not an American.. that's a socialist. So please.. spare your rhetorical bull crap as it doesn't slide with people who have intellect. Also... if you actually did research on anything, or even knew about %3 of information regarding a subject... you would know that those figures are in high regard as they come from the source that all would consider the best. Infact.. go to their website.. you'll see that they still use older information because of all the work they did to compile it. The information is still accurate.

Instead.. you go to google type in a quick search string and find a site to post.. then profess to know anything about politics and what it is to truely be an American. you are a disgrace to the title of American. You can't pose a single rational argument on any debatable subject... you constantly burn people down with childish insults and badgering, you impose "facts" without even knowing the true facts yourself. It's a joke really.
Obviously a Fox News protege - when you can't cut it on substance, start spewing meaningless red-blooded gibberish. Too bad it works better on TV than in print.
Well, the numbers speak for themselves.

I feel like Ashton Kutcher.

Now if only I could be fucking a hot post-menopausal woman like he is, then I could forget about all this drama.
Shut em down - Shut, Shut em down!

Ah the joys of arguing with morons on the internet...
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