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Thursday, May 19, 2005


haha... that isn't even about me.

No, that was the 200pt BOLDED headline on the world's worst newspaper (Portland Tribune for those who don't live here) last week.

Beneath the headline was a 1/4 page photo of two officers with shotguns kicking down the door of a meth house.

When I saw the photo I was actually overcome with pride in the performance of our local police bureau. All else aside, at least they have learned that the only reasonable way to deal with a tweaker is a shotgun.

As the old saying goes: tweakers are like cockroaches - they hate the light and they need to be exterminated.

At my work the whole meth sweep has been rather personal since one of our employees got fired after no-call/no-showing due to being in jail. The only thing that suprised me was that it was only one.

No wonder I read this blog ... I feel my vocabulary building already.

I think that if we're adding words to the language, this is definitely the kind of word that we need more of. I looked it up and 'Tweak' used in this context can serve as a noun which describes the substance OR the user or as a verb indicating the use of the substance.

Of course the meth lab's older brother, (the Still) had the word 'shine' (short for moonshine) that could serve as both noun and verb, but didn't have the added feature of referring to a user of the substance who was generally called 'a drunk' or sometimes just 'dad'.
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