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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I don't do button up shirts
or drive Maybachs
I got a 'Brat wit' an 8 track
give me an AK an' a crack vile
I'll be bringin' 88 back

When it comes to company policy, I like to think of myself as being pro-active - I'm more of a Leader than I am a follower.

It's not that I'm not a good worker - just because I have a few petty disagreements with management.

Such as what constitutes an acceptable workplace BAL. (Management: 0; Myself: <1)

Or the acceptability of snorting coke off picks in company restroom.

Well - somebody's got to do it.

And as I told my TL, $9.00/hr isn't enough for me to even pretend like I give a fuck.

I get people on the phones every day telling me that I'm the "best T-Mobile rep they've ever spoken to."

I never mention that I have only been working on the floor for three weeks.

The truth is - with bullshit jobs like this - the few quality workers who actually get hired will never stay around for long. So, as a customer, you're far better off trying your luck with a trainee than with a seasoned veteran - at least then you have a chance of getting decent service.

On a separate note:

50 Cent's new album SUCKS ASS! Fuck that pop-rap bitch.

I didn't like him as a rookie, except for the fact that his shit was so damn catchy. And now, his follow-up makes the by-product of a horse's ass look like a tasty breakfast.

I hope you get shot eight more times BITCH!

Total shit. Fuck off and die.

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