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Friday, December 03, 2004

Tweaker Advice For Standing Trial

I ask you "do you go to an interveiw for a job dressed in jeans and a T-shirt?" No, you wear those nice black slacks with a clean button down shirt even if its McDonalds cause you arnt going to lose points for looking too good and it may be what makes the difference between you and the last resume.

Same thing here. Stand out from the crowd of methamphetamine criminals, give the impression that you are one of that 3% that actually recovers...

What are you talking about? I love my Court Shorts, they're from Ross, so you know they're classy. I also wear my kick ass Hawaiian Shirt, sure it doesn't really match the shorts, but I swear to you, it's the nicest shirt that I own.

Do you remember being in Winco at midnight or so, and seeing a really obvious tweaker wearing something like a dirty ass Camel t-shirt, and a Budweiser hat, and he came up to the counter with about a half-dozen bottles of hydrogen peroxide, and some crack snacks?

Some people are so obvious you don't know how they even made it all the way from their house to the store without getting arrested.
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