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Friday, December 03, 2004

Six Months - Yesterday

In this world, God is Drugs. Scag is His Son. God has sent His Son to the earth to spread the Word. The Word is that Scag is good. Scag is our shepherd. We shall always want. You and the other apostles are spreading the Word to the uninitiated like Robyn, who is now, whether she knows it or not, in the fold.
Yesterday was the six-month marker for Speedballing and I had some big plans for long hate filled posts, but sadly, events got in the way. First, The Return of the Kings: EE was released, which sucked 4+ hours out of my day, and then I started reading Buffalo Soldiers, which did in the rest of the day, and kept me up till about 3:30 in this a.m. finishing it.

Buffalo Soldiers, it turns out, is a fucking fantastic book. If you have seen the movie, then you will know that it is heavily focused on the themes of Drugs, Violence, Sex, and Self-Destruction - my favorites.

The book beats the living shit out of the movie, because it turns out that the movie is mostly composed of the happy fluffy moments from the book, with much of the darker material left out. [and it was called a "dark" comedy] As a result the book actually has a point, and a sensible conclusion, instead of the happy ending romantic comedy bullshit from the movie.

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