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Friday, December 17, 2004

Insult & Injury

Today was not one of your more typical A+ days.

I woke up feeling like shit, and while I did have the right medication to address the symptoms, I failed badly in my attempts to cure the disease.

I had to be to work in the wastelands of Beaverton by 1:45pm, which meant boarding the Max at 12:23. Usually I read the N.Y. Times during the course of my hour-and-a-half commute, but they didn't bother to deliver it this morning, so I was fucked on that count as well.

Then, on the Max, I started digging through my bag, searching for a nice 12 hour long lasting Sudafed, but all I came up with was empty left over wrappers - FUCK! No Sudafed! Then, in the tunnel just past the Washington Park stop, the Max slowed to a stop, and the conductor came on the P.A. and announced that another train had broken down on the track, and that we would be delayed for "five minutes."

Five more status reports, and fifteen minutes later, we finally started moving again - at half speed - and by the time we arrived at my stop, my connecting bus was long gone. Cue the frantic cracked-out mile-and-a-half walk to work. Cue dangerously racing heart and pouring sweat.

The work day was dull and annoying, but generally tolerable. When I got off I bought a six pack and headed home (even longer commute).

At home, trying to relax, I decided to scan the headlines at the Guardian, and what did I find?

Indiana Jones leads Hollywood version of battle for Falluja

Oh yeah - Harrison Ford as a Marine, fighting the "terrorists" in Falluja. Doesn't get much better than that.

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