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Thursday, December 23, 2004


I would like to send a big "FUCK YOU" to the MPAA, which I believe was the primary actor behind the shutdown of TorrentBits, Suprnova, DVDR-Core, Phoenix-torrents, and others over the last week.

I have some free business advice for all of the MPAA's members: make a quality product and people will pay for it. Keep churning out the same shit you are now, and people will pay exactly what it's worth - jack shit. So get fucked, you fucking cunts.

Meanwhile, I strongly encourage everyone to keep in mind that Copyrights are not exactly "god given." They are just some more shit that wealthy elites have successfully lobbied into law.

No one should feel bad about "stealing" any and every bit of corporate copyrighted material that they can get their hands on. Believe me, you're not hurting the "artists" who created these works. At worst you are only hurting the massive media conglomerates, which are themselves the main obstacles to the dissemination of real art.

But Lars Ulrich told me to stop downloading! I must obey my master, the dark lords of Metallica.
You have to ask, what's going on in the heads of these people in Washington? These are supposedly educated people? I guess that educated does not necessarily mean ethical. The American Congress has apparently become a high-priced whorehouse where nothing is taboo, nor is anything sacred, if the price is right.

And Jack Valenti is just the kind of high roller they like to see ... he breezes into town, has himself and couple of drinks and then *whoooo-eeee!!!*, goes for some 'vertical entertainment no price too high' perhaps with his favorite bugger-boy, Orrin Hatch.

Eventually, they could just move the whole show to LasVegas. By making things more convenient for the customer, Congressmen and women could service more customers per day and demand higher fees:

Welcome to the Hotel LasCongress!!Proposed Congressional Fee Structure for 2005(add 30% to the stated fee if you want a Senator)

Blowjob and a backrub - 10,000 votes.

Congressional Resolution - $1000

Resolution, both houses - $2000

Peeping in on commitees - $3000

Filibuster (or other oral deviation) - $5000

Specials:'The Weekender' pacakge. A full weekend of straight-on, penetrative legislation, includes bubble bath, cigar and your choice of D/S, B/D, S/M - $20,000

The 'Jack Valenti'. Includes 'Congressional Mandates', Brown Showers and Copyright Legislation - $40000
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