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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thrill of the Chase: Trailer

I received a package today, not in the mail, but on my doorstep. Inside was a CD-Rom and a nearly illegible handwritten note, signed by Jurgen Johansen.

From what I could read, the note stated that his beleagured "monkey hunting" documentary was finally moving forward, and he demanded that I post the trailer, which was on the CD, on my website.

Well, what the hell. I'm not doing much else these days, so why not post the trailer for this film, which promises to be a masterwork of perversion, lunacy, and ego-mania.

The trailer states that the film will be "Shocking," "Disturbing," and that it will be release in the "Summer of 2005." I'm holding my breath.

Thrill of the Chase - Teaser (7.68MB - XviD)

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