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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Guide: Computer Security Essentials

In the interest of spreading the knowledge, I have completed a new guide to Computer Security that covers the most essential topics, such as anonymous web surfing, encryption, avoidance of surveillance, and permanent file deletion.

Whether you may need to use some, all, or none of these techniques depends on the type of activities you are engaged in, and how comfortable you are with the possibility of the feds showing up on your doorstep.

I do think that most people can gain at least something from being aware of the security risks that are out there, and hopefully, once equipped with the tools necessary to operate with true security and anonymity, people will find new and more creative ways to use computers and the Internet to further their goals.

This guide is definitely still a little rough around the edges, but after three days, I am getting tired of working on it, and just want to get it published. I will try to edit it further in the future when I have the time.

Computer Security Essentials

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