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Thursday, October 28, 2004

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Hey, hey. I get to do my first correction. A reader was kind enough to write and tell me that Eagleton was actually on the McGovern ticket, not McCarthy, which would make sense since McCarthy never got the Democratic nomination. Luckily this is buried off the front page now, so nobody will notice the mistake.

I guess blogging isn't such a revolutionary medium after all.


CNN just put Thomas Eagleton on the air to analyze trends in the electorate.

Yes. This is the same Tom Eagleton who sank Eugene McCarthy's bid for the presidency when it was revealed - after Eagleton was named as the ticket's VP - that Eagleton had a history of depression and mental illness that had been treated with hospitilization, and even electro-shock therapy.

How the FUCK does this geriatric shit-sack - who was a fucking rusty anchor on the Democratic party even in his youth - get anywhere near a microphone and TV camera, and what kind of sick, twisted network would put him on the air to unleash his demented ravings on the innocent public.

Holy God, I hate cable news.

I better take some aspirin, or cook some junk, because my heart can't take this strain much longer.

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