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Friday, September 24, 2004

Memory Lane

Two months ago I posted a rant about the horrible Iraq coverage in the N.Y. Times.

Liberal Media Watch:
The N.Y. TIMES gives front-page prominence to yet another totally unfounded Iraq Story

I just wanted to point out that I was dead right at the time, and that two months on not many people are talking about any "internal rifts" in the Iraqi resistance.

In particular I think that Mr. A should take note of this, since he expressed considerable skepticism about my credibility when I originally wrote the piece.

That's right. Eat it bitch.

And let this be a lesson. Just because someone is smoking meth, and drinking wine out of gallon jugs, doesn't mean they can't get it right - Not that I was ever doing either of those things.

I think you should spend less time trying to be right all the time and more time trying to find me some drugs.
And me? I should spend more time trying not to get really wasted and calling everybody I know at three in the morning.
If you're waiting to find some drugs, I wouldn't advise that you hold your breath mother fucker.

Now, buying drugs is another thing entirely - specifically, it is something that requires money.

Either way, I am the wrong person to talk to about this because I don't use drugs. And, besides, I am now a converted Mormon, and I have invited the Holy Spirit into my life, and asked Jesus to forgive my sins.
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