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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Memory Lane 2

One thing is FOR SURE - JK isn't The Candidate because of his vision, leadership, policies, or his ability to Turn People On. In fact, JK has an almost magical ability to Turn People OFF, while at the same time convincing EVEN DEMOCRATS that he is nothing more than a self-serving Flip-Flopper, who would sell his soul to Satan, or whoever else was the highest-bidder, for the opportunity to ascend those last few steps to the Oval Office.
Yes, I wrote that back in June.

I definitely have to admit that I have warmed to Kerry a bit over time. Especially now, after seeing him debate Bush. Compared to Bush he seems to have practically preternatural political instincs, and tome like intelect.

Something Kerry did well tonight was that he stood up and made blatantly false statements with the self assurance of a devoutly religous person quoting scripture.

Maybe half-a-dozen times Kerry stated with total absolution that "he has had one position on Iraq." This is so blatantly false that Bush seem genuinely taken aback by it, and one can only assume that it must have left a bitter taste in Bush's mouth to have his favorite campaign tactic - simply lying about anything inconvenient to your story line - turned back against him.

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