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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A few updates...

As you can see, I have now prominently positioned a truely fantastic image on my sidebar. BTW, that isn't me. Unfortunately I lack the creativity to dress myself up as death and carry around a sign that says "Bush is my Bitch."

Also, I have added some permanent media links, which may or may not change over time. Be sure to check out "Donkey Kick'n Fun," which is a sort of techish-house/crap tune I produced a few months ago.

In the links section I have added "Johasen Hunt Monkeys," which is the now dormant site of my monkey hunting friend Jürgen Jöhansen. Jürgen does claim to be working on a new video entitled "Thrill of the Chase," but this effort has apparently been set back because his slated director, Edward Caraballo, is no longer available for the project. Jürgen does assure me, however, that he is very close to signing another documentary film-maker to take over the helm of what Jürgen calls "the first ever in-depth look at the dangerous and deadly world of professional monkey hunting."

Another link that I have given prominence to, is SullyWatch, a blog devoted to ridiculing Andrew Sullivan. Objectively speaking, the writers on SullyWatch have what is probably the worlds easiest job (making a mockery of AS), but I have to give them credit for taking on the supremely masochistic task of acutally reading the inane garbage that AS churns out at a seemingly super-human pace. If you don't know who AS is you aren't missing much, but you can view his site here. To save you the trouble, I'll just say that he is the world's biggest twat, and a fucking moron to boot.

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