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Monday, September 27, 2004

Crazy Chris Matthews vs. Krazy "Ted" Kennedy

People who don't watch Hardball regularly definitely missed a good one tonight as the titans of red faced rage, and spit spraying speechifying, sat down face-to-face for an interview.

Before I go on, I must state as a disclaimer that I basically view Edward M. Kennedy as a god who walks among men. In my book, anybody who can act that crazy and drunk on a regular basis, and still enjoy the power of a totally locked in senate seat for life, has reached the pinacle of human achievement.

As it happens, Krazy K (not to be confused with Special K) is one of the few people who can acutally shut Chris Matthews up.

Similar to the SNL skit where Matthews sits dumbfounded while Sharpton makes up words, the real Chris Matthews simply leaned back and watched the madness unfold as Kennedy ran totally wild, spouting out an almost nonstop stream of extreme claims, hypocritical accusations, and maniacle malapropisms that would put Bush to shame.

Among these, Kennedy decried Bush for running a "campaign of anger and insult," something he should know well from experience. He accused Dick Cheney of "McCarthyism," which is about as vague and as putrid of an insult as "facism," but one more easily digested by the listener and the media. Finally, and ironically, Kennedy said, about Kerry, that he was "convinced that people will say he's the man for us to lead."

So there you have it - even Teddy doesn't think Kerry is a strong leader. Him and everyone else.

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