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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ovum v. Jesus?

This is, honestly, a riff that I stole from a conversation with Mr. A, but oh well - fuck it.

The gist is, that, in a head-to-head race, Obama could beat Jesus-fucking-Christ right now - that's how hot this fucker is.

And the only mother fucker crazy enough to challenge him is Allen-fucking-Keyes. No big fucking suprise there. So, now we all know who the next junior senator from Illinois will be.

Let's forget about Obama for a second. And focus on what's important - Me!

I'm drunk off my ass - having just polished a pint of vodka and a couple of beers - and I just finished off some microwave rewarmed pepperoni pizza that has me feeling like a god-damn gastric catastrophe. But I digress. The bottom line is that I am too sick and too drunk to write, and I need some fucking coke.

And now I sound like a broken record. Enough!

[In case you are wondering, I let the spellcheck "correct" the title on purpose.]

God, you're such a lush.
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