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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Can I get my own reality show now? That could be my catch phrase.

What am I going to do now that I have rejoined the ranks of the unemployed? Well, find another job hopefully, but in the meantime I can sit around downloading tv episodes and movies.

In that spirit I have decided to put up some quick links to my favorite sites for snatching great stuff.

Bittorrent Clients:
You will need to install one of these before downloading files with torrents.
BitComet (Windows) - I prefer this client, but it is currently windows only

Azureus (Java/multi-platform) - This is probably the most popular torrent client, and it works on any platform supported by java (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc...)

BitTornado (Python/multi-platform) - This client is very similar to the original, but support bandwidth throtling. BitTornado can be easily installed on Windows, or run on any system with Python.

Torrent Sites:
These sites provide links to torrent files, which allow you to connect and actually download files.

SuprNova - Large site that posts torrents served by other sites. Since this site does not require registration it tends to be lower quality, but it has a huge number and variety of listed torrents, and it can help lead you to better quality sites.

TorrentBits *Registration Required* - This site focuses on 0-day group releases. It is the best place to get the latest movies, games, and apps. (AFAK the membership limit has been reached, so it is impossible to get membership at this time, but old accounts are periodically deleted, so new spots will open up.)

FileList *Registration Required* - A TB Clone, which is pretty damn good, and has membership slots available.

MySpleen *Registration Required* - TV site featuring mainly Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central. Good place to find Sealab, ATHF, Chappelle, etc. Only so-so seeder/leecher ratio, so not as fast as TB/FL.

So there you go. If you want to be as lazy as me, I have just drawn you a god damn maps, which means that you are actually even lazier than me.

Why the hell did you quit? You idiot! Were you on a comedown???
You fucking cunt mop!!! How dare you call me an idiot. And NO, I wasn't on a fucking comedown. Go fuck yourself - Ass hobbit!
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