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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Come along and ride on a ... fantastic voyage

slide slide slippity-slide

Ahhhh... Who doesn't love a little Coolio now and then?

I need to take a fucking voyage, one that gets me far away from my lame-ass fucking job. Working gets worse and worse everyday, and my permanent partner is fucking annoying. Luckily I have the option of getting stoned and watching Sealab 2021 all day, as opposed to actually doing any work.

On a side note, working isn't made any easier by getting text messages from my sister at noon saying that she is in Ibiza and high off her tits.

Apparently my good friend Mr. A isn't enjoying the JO too much either. If Weve Been Had were a bitching festival, it would be three days long with five stages and headliners from three continents.

Hey Mr. A: maybe you should get a new name to go with the new look - I was thinking that "The Princess Diaries" might work. [cue crazed laughter]

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