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Friday, July 30, 2004

Weekly Post (poorly written and unedited edition)

I have said it before, and now I will again: I am busy, and lazy, and I just can't seem to find the time, or the initiative to ever write anything. Luckily though, today is Thursday, which means that tomorrow is (my one) day off, and so I can stay up late drinking, blogging, and watching the Daily Show when it reruns at 1:00am.

Item #1: The Democratic National Convention

I have been actively trying to avoid this for the last week, but it keeps slipping past my defenses, and dragging me in. First it was the phone calls from Boston - "I haven't slept for two days, and there are people driving around in vans, covered with pictures of aborted fetuses, screaming through microphones," or "Barak Obama let me suck his cock, and he even offered to cum in my mouth," etc, etc, et-fucking-cetra. Then I got dragged down to Rock-fucking-Bottom, of all the god forsaken places i hate, and forced to listen to long harangues about the glory of democracy, the fantastic ideals of the Democratic party, the unquestionable integrity of John Kerry, and the evil cynicism of the media's convention coverage. There is a word for this, it slips my mind... Oh yeah - naive. Anyway, thank God for Bloody Marys and IPA.

The main event of the convention, obviously, is the acceptance speech, which was thursday night, and which I was actually interested in watching. Overall I found it to be a passable presentation, which hit most of its marks, and didn't create any heinous fuckups, which is the big thing, because if it did, they would have been replayed every single day until the election. Like most people, after about two minutes I was saying, "yeah, you fought in Vietnam, I caught that the first ten times," but the huge emphasis of the war record was totally in line with my expectations as well. After a bit of digression on the economy, and healthcare, the thing was over, and I was left more or less apathetic.

But Then. They started the fucking music up, and began playing Van Halen's "Dreams," which is basically unintelligible, except for the chorus of "we'll get higher and higher," which is screamed out over-and-over during the song. When I heard that, I was like, "YES! That is exactly what I need! I must get higher!" So I guess the Covention really did inspire me.

Item #2: My Job

On a similar subject - that of "getting higher" - I was talking to my partner for the day, and she is like "yeah, I had a seizure last night - and it wasn't even like I did that much coke."

Meanwhile, this girl, her boyfriend, another kid, and myself are all confirmed as having been hired on for continuing work with this campaign, (more than half the staff is being dropped) and all three of them are serious coke-heads/junkies. What this means, is that either our management has very poor judgment, or the other people working with us must really suck. Like I've said before. Now I know why the Democratic party can't win any fucking elections.

Man, the constant complaining, calm the fuck down. You didn't seem to mind Rock Bottom after the four drinks you had.
Oh, and they weren't aborted fetuses, they were miscarried babies. That's intellectual dishonesty on the part of the pro-lifers, that's why you can't argue with those people. That plus the pipe bombs they're always holding.
I know what your saying. Those pro-lifers are just like a pack of Palestinians - you'd be hard pressed to find them without a bomb in their hands.
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