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Thursday, July 15, 2004

More Sordid Tales of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

As previously mentioned, I have just had come into my possession an original video tape, alledgedly showing the abuse of an unknown prisoner, in American custody, in Iraq. I will post some pictures from said video shortly, but I warn you that they are shocking, disgusting, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

How I got this tape, is a story unto itself.

It happened completely by accident. I was minding my own business, and really doing nothing at all - just hanging out with a friend who had recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, and a few of his buddies. They were trading tales of their time over there, and one of them mentioned the fact that he had been assigned to perform guard duty at a private residence outside of the "green zone" in Baghdad.

"It was terrible," he said, "those fucking arabs never sleep. Shit man - suicide bombs, mortars, machine guns - it never fucking stopped. Naturally, we couldn't sleep either. We'd be up days at a time. Then some of our own guys started to crack and shit got really fucked up!"

"How did you get a bullshit duty like that in the first place?" I asked.

"Fucking M.I." he replied, "Bunch of fucking pricks. They were using that place to break guys down. They would run these bastards in and out of there all the time - always with bags over their heads. Who knows who was in there - Saddam, Osama - fuck, it could'ave been anybody."

"Why don't you show him the video?" My friend chimed in.

"Yeah," one of the others said, "they were always taping everything, but they held onto those tapes real tight. But fuck them. One day, I grabbed one - just out of curiosity, and shit - it is fucked up!"

My friend's buddy, who had been telling the story, went over to the shelf, and after rummaging through some tapes, he pulled one out, and put it in for me to watch.

After seeing it, I knew I had to have it, and I asked him if I could get a copy.

"Shit, you can have the original. Hell," he said, pausing and making a face, "I'm not into that sick shit."

"Great, how much do you want for it?" I asked.

"How about a 'teener'?"

"What's that?"

"Never mind," he said, "how much cash do you have?"

I rummaged through my pockets and came up with $23 dollars, which he readily took.

"Take the tape when you leave," he told me. And then he disappeared out the door, and I haven't seen him since.

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