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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I Love the NY Post

Thanks to Howard Kurtz's column @ washingtonpost.com I have been turned on to this fantastic story about dirty politics, hookers, blackmail, criminal indictments, etc... Which makes it, like, four of my favorite subjects, all combined into one fantastic tale. I think I may need a clean pair of shorts.

You can read it all, repleat with gory detail, at the N.Y.Post.

On a side note:

Kurtz asserts that we should call "swing voters" the "Purple People, since they belong to neither red or blue states," which I believe is a term coined by "crazy" Chris Matthews. All I can say is - Why Howard, Why?

It should be the policy of all, even semi-respectable bloggers, not to encourage Matthews in his demented madness. It is like the zoo, with the signs telling you not to feed the monkeys. The more you encourage them, the harder they are to keep under control.

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