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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Exclusive: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Video

The Tape Starts: A door is opened, and whoever is holding the camera unleashes the dog (which appears to be a vicious and frenzied Pit Bull) on the "prisoner", who appears to be sleeping.

The tape is fuzzy here, but where I have added the red circle, you can see the dog locked onto the "prisoner's" neck. At this point the "prisoner" is still struggling, trying to push the dog away, and screaming some kind of high pitched gibberish - probably begging the camera man to call the dog off.

Here the "prisoner" is motionless, and the dog has lost interest. One can only speculate as to what condition the "prisoner" is in at this point.

I still have many questions regarding this video:
-Who is this man on the tape? He looks middle eastern, and on the video, you can see that he has a look of haggered fatigue, and appears to be sweaty, unshaven, and unbathed.
-Is this tape legitimate? Is it staged? Or is it something else?
-Was my source telling the truth? Is Military Iteligence using secret safehouses - outside of the normal areas of army control - to interogate, and incarcerate prisoners - either from the Iraq war, or from the "war on terror?"

Ultimately, only time may yield the answers. I have been unable to relocate my source, as of now, but rest assured, I will continue to pursue this story until I know The Truth.

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