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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Viva La Revolucion

Continuing my wibble-wobble around the wacky communist web, I stopped in at El Granma, the State mouthpiece in sunny and beautiful Cuba, where they are cooking up some truly strange shit indeed.

Video of decapitated U.S. citizen in Iraq staged by the CIA
That situation led to the monopoly of diffusion being centralized in Fox News, CNN and the BBC, identified by the experts as traditional CIA media plants.

The Internet site where the video was originally placed belongs to a society based in Malaysia, which has gone offline; thus the video no longer exists.

The name of the domain, or ownership of the Internet address belonged to Arab Press House, a London-based press society with no Islamic links whatsoever.
Now, I must say that this is a story that I greeted with a great deal of skepticism, bordering on outright dismissal, but since I was bored, and just sitting around watching the stupid fucking Day After Tommorow, I decided to do some checking on it.

I looked up the domain record for al-ansar.biz Here and immediately found that the information on record is totally different than what is described in this story. Then I noticed that the last time the domain record was edited was on June 3, the same day the story was re-posted on El Granma - the plot thickens.
Currently the al-ansar.biz domain, which lists registration information for Denmark, is down. The DNS servers listed for it have incomplete contact information listing Dubai, Arab Emerates as the place of registration, and they are still operating, and being hosted by a company in Florida.

So what do I make of all this? Is it communist propaganda? Dumb conspiracy theory? Do I really care, even if it is true?

Probably, probably, probably not.

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