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Friday, June 04, 2004

Uneventful Morning

Once again, I was awoken far to early by a very bright sun streaming through the huge curtainless windows that I am forced to sleep in front of.

I had my usual meal of chips & salsa, and ice cream for breakfast, and then around 10:00, when the sun had risen past the windows, I dozed off, and napped until noon.

When I got up, I took a shit & a shower, and then went downstairs to try and score.

No dice on that either, so now I am finishing up my thoughts on Howard Dean, which should magically appear in about five minutes, as if I had cranked them out off the top of my head at an almost magical speed. Actually, I started them yesterday, and they have been laying around my desktop like a rotting corpse ever since, so I will be glad to have them out of my way.

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