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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

O'Reilly Tries to Spin the Ryan Sex Scandal...

...Welcome to the, erm, No Spin Zone.

Thanks to Mr. A for turning me on to this story. It is a hot one, although I am dissapointed that Jack Ryan's wife wasn't a 14 year-old girl who had been his babysitter. That would have been even better.

As it turns out, Jack Ryan's ex-wife is a B-Movie Bimbo, so you can find lots of skanky nudity-free pics of her Here.

Anyway, about O'Reilly: I flipped onto his lame ass show, and found him talking to Fox News' so called "legal analyst" Joe Napolitano [sp? IDGF.] O'Reilly is trying to blame the whole thing on the "media," and trying to say that "they" shouldn't have had the court records unsealed. The interesting thing is that Napolitano argues strongly and convincingly against O'Reilly, effectively saying that Ryan is getting what he deserves.

Now, if Fox News is trashing him, it is a pretty good guess that the word has come down from up on high that Ryan is finished.

His only hope now may be to go on national tv and start bitching about a "vast left-wing conspiracy," because I doubt he'll be able to get is estranged ex to do the gig for him.

[You can get a good rundown on this story from the N.Y. Times]

I just read the transcript from O'Reilly, he got served!
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