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Friday, June 04, 2004

McLaughlin Into Smack - Oh wait, that isn't news.

The McLaughlin Group is a show that I like, not so much for its wisdom, but for its madness. Generally speaking, by 10:00pm Friday I am blitzed myself, which makes McLaughlin's stone drunk ravings all the more entertaining.

Tonight I wasn't drunk, but I was staying in anyway, so I watched.

The main point of interest was the Tenet resignation. The most interesting conspiracy theory came courtesy of the Fat Fuck from the Washington Times, who believes that the timing of Tenet's resignation, vis-a-vis the still developing Chalabi/Iran/Spook story, is not a coincidence. Interesting, but probably BS.

On the PBS front, American Experience will be doing a show on Jimmy Carter Monday at 9:00pm.

[Originally I wrote that the Jimmy Carter show would be on "tommorow," but this morning I realized that it is only Saturday, and the show is scheduled for Monday. Sorry, I am still getting used to this seven day week thing.]

Tonight on the local news in Eugene....bowling grannies!

-Mr. A
So you watch PBS, what are you a fucking Communist? I bet you spend all your fucking day UNEMPLOYED...and lounging around on fucking WELFARE watching LIBERAL SHIT all fucking day. Who the fuck do you think you are you cheese eating, France lovging, liberal. I hope you rot in hell.
Where to start on this...

Ok, here is some advice for everyone - not just Mr. A - if you want to post anonymous comments, don't SIGN YOUR FUCKING NAME ON THEM. Jackass!

So Mr. A, what are you going to do when you sober up today - read the New Yorker?
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