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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Jimmy Carter - A President Worth Remembering

Today, in a time when cynicism, bitterness, and partisan acrimony reign supreme over our political discourse, the life and presidency of Jimmy Carter truly stands as a beacon on a hill - reminding us of a time when decency, humanity, conviction, and patriotism united us as Americans.

Unlike his contemporaries, who fanned the flames of racial intolerance, and used code-words and euphemisms to divide the American people, Jimmy Carter was truly a Great Communicator, who spoke to all Americans in one voice, and ceaselessly promoted a message of justice, tolerance, freedom, and belief in the American Ideal.

As president, Carter led the nation in difficult times, with a steady and reassuring hand. In the face of crisis he reduced the deficit, and presided over an increase by 8 million workers in the nation's employment.

In the realm of foreign affairs, he secured peace between Egypt and Israel. Even as his political opponents betrayed our nation - by making secret deals with Iran - he strove for a resolution to the Iranian hostage crisis, and only failed due to the twisted machinations of those who sought to take his place.

Above all, President Carter was humble, and he never indulged himself in the hubris of believing that he stood above his fellow man. One of my favorite Jimmy Carter quotes is this:
even the greatest historical events, are not determined by the leaders of a nation or a state ... They are controlled by the combined wisdom and courage and commitment and discernment and unselfishness and compassion and love and idealism of the common ordinary people.

In word, and action, President Jimmy Carter was a man who epitomized the ideals that all Americans strive for. His legacy is one that truly deserves to be remembered and emulated.

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