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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Do you have any questions? - 2

BET Music Awards tonight - so I kept it real, and peep'd a bit of that. The only real highlight was the old-school tribute, which climaxed with Public Enemy.

On that note: Fuck Russell Simmons - who founded Def Jam with Rick Rubin, but never gave anything back to society - besides a lame-ass/sweat-shop produced/designer clothing line.

Fuck Russell Simmons - who got rich for two decades selling rap that claimed to speak to the "street," and the "ghetto," but did nothing political at all. And then, two years ago, he jumped on the bandwagon, and tried to buy his way into leading the crusade to overturn New York's draconian "Rockefeller" drug laws. Thanks for nothin' - ASS HOLE!

And this is the problem. BET isn't "Black Entertainment Television," it's "Viacom entertainment televison" (The same company that owns CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount and Blockbuster), and while they may play Public Enemy as part of a tribute to old-school hip-hop, they wouldn't dare put revolutionary shit like that on their regular play list. So, Fuck Them as well!

And this is the real problem. Rich people will never understand, or be able to help the poor. If they had the ability, they would never have gotten rich in the first place. So, Fuck BET, Fuck Russell Simmons, and Fuck all of the other ghetto-dilettantes.


Don't you support Russell's cause? Calm down.
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