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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Disorganized, Pointless Post

I was watching C-SPAN earlier this evening, (let's not even talk about what a lame-ass loser this makes me - it's a touchy subject) and they were running a commencement speech by Jon Stewart, at William & Mary, his alma mater. It was really funny.

One of his bits, which I am paraphrasing, went something like "I don't want you to set the bar low, but - seriously - not everyone can spend their life wandering around in an alcoholic haze, and then become President when they turn 40." Naturally, this was met by wild applause.

[I am watching Bridget Jones' Diary now - for reasons I can't comprehend - and it just struck me that it could be called BJs Diary... Coincidence? I think not.

On a side note...

I am preparing a list of Oregon's "fat cat" Republican Donors. In this list I have the names of 46 households where both the self-described "home-maker" wife, and rich CEO/VP/Owner husband donated the maximum amount of $2000 to King George II's Second Crusade.

Shit, I feel like McCarthy now. If only I could get some smack, the effect would be complete.

No one's proven that McCarthy was a smack addict, but he was a world class drunk. Something for all of us to aspire to.
Hey, I'm a world class drunk! Sweeeeeet!
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