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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Chain Letter Humour

Checking my email today, I see a message from my sister, and think to myself "hey, that's nice, she's written to me," but no, it's an e-mail chain letter - one of the "20 Questions About Yourself" variety. As it turns out, the content is actually quite funny, primarily because it is, in fact, my sister answering the questions.
7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? ...Americans.
16. What characteristic do you despise? American-ness
18. Anywhere in the world for holiday? Columbia :-P
26. Who do you least expect to return this to you? erm, my bro, 'cause being unemployed, he has way better things to do. hahah.
29. Coke or Pepsi? coke ;)
I guess hating America and loving coke runs in the family. Or maybe we just hate America, because we're always on a bloody coke comedown.

[note to c: I am actually employed now, so piss-off with your mockery. And as long as your ideal vacation destination is Columbia, I doubt you'll be buying much Dolce.]

Did you read her friends'? tons of hatred of Americans...I wrote your sister back an email trashing Britian...how they also seem to be in the coalition of the "willing", are also abusing Iraqis...plus Republicans are in charge here, we should expect all sorts of shit that would make people hate America, they have supposed liberals in charge, what's their excuse?
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