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Monday, June 07, 2004

Casual Encounters

In case you don't know, the "casual encounters" section of craigslist is consistantly about the most hillarious thing you can find on the internet. This posting is particularly funny.
Aces Wild Party Was Ghetto!!!!

I’m greeted at the front door by a hostess (who by the way was nasty!), and she gives me a quick little tour of the place. First we walk into a little waiting room, off to the right were private cubbies for people who didn’t want to be watched. The moans and screams coming from the little room got me really excited, and I could wait to meet a couple of girls and bring them back.
In the center of the waiting room were a bunch of chairs, and a lot freaky guys were just sitting around, But what ever.
Then we walked thru a hall way with another private room off to the left, and some “glory hole” booth off to the right. Yuck…But again, what ever.
We venture on out of the hallway to a room with lockers and a tv playing porn, and to my surprise a few more freaky guys, just hanging out.
Walking up a little ramp, there is this fat girl in a swing, getting screwed by some more freaky guys, surrounded by a lot of freaky guys. It’s getting a little scary. At the end of the ramp a hot tub. Guess what?......Some freaky guy is sitting in it by himself!
We turn the corner to another room. Aha! Ladies?.... Nope just more dudes just kickin’ it. We end our tour at this really nice all you can eat buffet. Really! The food looked bomb. But all I could think about was a bunch of freaky guys, diddeling them self’s in the glory hole room or at the swing, and them coming over to feast on the meat and cheese platter without cleaning up.
I was standing at the end of the tour, close to the front door, and close to the waiting room with the cubbies. The moans were just as loud. But my fantasies of fine lookin’ girlies gettin’ it in these rooms vanished. So I just walked out the front door, and went to drink by myself.
Seriously, I have never felt as filthy as I did last night. It was super creepy!

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