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Friday, June 11, 2004

Blows my weekend - 'cause naturally, I'm gonna have to go.

Not one, but two, important events are taking place this weekend, and right now, I don't have the spice to even think about either one of them.

I just broke my coffee pot, whilst trying to clean it, and in retrospect maybe filling it with ice cubes and shaking it violently was not a good way to polish it. What kind of person uses fucking ICE CUBES to "clean" a coffee pot? Why would I even do a think like that?

Fuck! I was given that little "tip for living" by a stoned out, junkie crack-head I used to work with. I should shit down that fucker's throat, god damn it, because his bullshit just cost me a fucking coffee pot. I would go to Phoenix right now, and throw a sack of flaming shit at him, but he is probably already in county - where he belongs - and I ain't goin' to "Joe's House" - not even to throw a sack of flaming shit at someone.

That was cathartic - I'm feeling a little better now. Shit, since I'm on the subject already, I may as well mention how much I hate Joe Arapio, (sp?) the Maricopa County Shitbags - oh sorry, Sheriffs - Dept, the Phoenix PD, and especially the Phoenix/Maricopa Fire Department. If I had it in me, I would shit on all their graves.

I would rather have my house burn down, than call the Phoenix Fire Department for help. They would just go inside, loot anything of value, and then go back to the station house to toss eachother's salad. The PFP is the most inept pack of useless swine I can imagine, they boggle the mind. They are all accidents, and failed back-alley abortions. Even their mothers will shit on their graves, when they die.

I hope that Bush wins the next election, and resumes testing of tactical nuclear weapons. Phoenix and all its suburbs should be declared a nuclear test site. All of its residents should be infected with smallpox, leprosy, and The Plague. Every one of those rich-trash, Republican voting, yahoo cowboys should die a horrible death. Radiation poisoning is too good for them.

Jesus! Was there a point here? How did I get locked into this hate frenzy? Part of it has to do with the fact that a geek from Comcast came and fixed the cable, just in time for me to see that no less than 10 channels are showing non-stop live coverage of Reagan's funeral. That is a difficult thing to take, especially when you are dealing with a really terrible hangover. Shit, even "Winsor Pilate" infomercials are better that the funeral of Reagan.

But enough of that. I just blew a load of bloody snot out of my nose, and can actually breath again, so it'time to get down to business.

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