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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Blog Crawl

Finding myself too lethargic to leave the house, and too bored to watch TV, I decided to just start reading in order the most recently updated blogs on blogspot. Apparently I am a person who hits bottom when I don't have any drugs. On that subject: switching from a diet of booze, speed, and coke, to a diet of booze, sugar, and fat is not doing wonders for my physique either. But enough of all that, and let's move on.

For anyone who reads blogs (such as this one) regularly, you already know that 99% of them are total shite. And the other 1% are just really fucking disturbing, or moronic. The following are the magic 1% - in no particular order.

1) Kate's Pics
An ugly teenage girl who apparently just graduated high school, but failed to learn how retarded it is to post gash pictures of yourself on the internet.

2) Don't Click - You will regret it!!!
This site wins in the "eye-ball melting design" category, and congratulations go out to the 13 year-old girl who created this monstrosity of creativity gone bad. This will probably be her last meaningful contribution to humanity, at least for the next five years, until she turns 18 and can begin an exciting career as an adult entertainer.

3) Desert Perspectives
This from a self described "LDS same sex attracted" individual - or as I wrote in my notes "mormon faggot in denial." I didn't read much of this, but noted it for future mining, because I'm sure it contains some priceless material.

4) lisablog
"I really hate them. My grandpa is really creepy too. Like actually staring at my chest and being too touchy feely. It made me sick to my stomach." The quote speaks for itself. If I knew this girl, I would probably be dating her.

5) Here I Am
"I found out why women obsess over men. Its our curse! (Genesis 3:16)" Also disturbing, but more funny than creepy.

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