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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another Liberal Flip-Flopper - How many can I take?

I swear to freakin' god - Mr. A takes fewer real positions that John Kerry.
Dr. E has claimed that I once said that I was "glad that George W. Bush" was president right after 9/11. Most of you who know me should know that I would ever say such garbage. However, what I did say was something to the effect of "well, he's the president, we should support him in this time of crisis. I wish Al Gore were here, but he's not."
Mr. A, I'm going to cut you off right there - because this is the NO SPIN ZONE, and your spinning like a damn top.

Your denials are meaningless. I mock them. You DID say that you were glad to have Bush as president, because you thought he would be a stronger war leader than Al Gore, and you were a dupe and a fool to believe that.

You would be better off just admitting it - and claim you were on E when you said it.

Wow, I'm glad you finally took Jimmy Carter's cock out of your mouth to say something. Too bad it's bullshit.
Oh and my friend K told me she liked your blog.
Do you ever say anything original.

I figured this would throw you into a hate frenzy.

You should give me a call.
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