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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Action: Fuck Limbaugh

Normally I wouldn't do this - you know - anything productive, but I happened to get an email from Working Assets, (How the fuck did they get my address? God damn it!) and it struck me as being pretty cool.

They are doing a letter writing campaign to either have Limbaugh removed from American Forces Radio, or to have alternative viewpoints given equal time.

American Forces Radio is a radio program paid for by the U.S. Government, and broadcast to the troops around the world. I for one was shocked, because I had no idea they would even consider broadcasting cheap jack-off bullshit like Limbaugh.

I mean, fuck, your going to send young men and women half way around the world, and then force them to listen to that dope addled fat fuck? No wonder the military is so fucking Red.

Get the full scoop here:
Click it Bitch

Answer your phone, bitch!
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