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Friday, June 11, 2004

AA in my future?

The magic 8-Ball says "Very Fucking Likely."

I feel terrible.

What else does you're 8-ball say?
Very Fucking Likely
Too Drunk to Give Coherent Answers, Try Again
Who the fuck do I look like Nostra-fucking-damas? Get me a beer!
All signs point to...you're a loser! No!
Yeah what the fuck, stop nagging me!
Yes she really likes you, as long as you keep paying her by the hour.
My sources say...you're a fucking moron!
Doubtful, you're a goober.
Well, thats still better than your sick, fucked up 8-ball. I tried it, and it said things like:

"No" does mean "Yes!"

16's only a misdemeanor.

She's not passed out - she's resting her eyes.
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