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Saturday, January 01, 2000

How to Ship a Half Ounce of Confectioner's Sugar Through Customs

without having it mistaken for cocaine/heroin/pure-e

One of the beauties of our postal system is that it was created and codified before the government granted itself the right to illegalize purely private behavior.

As it currently stands, the customs system was created purely for the purpose of assessing tariffs, and it is only as an aberration that it serves it current purpose of being a primary tool in the "war on drugs."

But even in these days, they can only push shit so far, so all letter mail weighing less than one ounce is immune from custom's inspection. In addition, all first class letter mail is protected my constitutional protections from illegal search & seizure, and thus a warrant is required to search any letter. [*Once again - NOT A LAWYER - and I could use input from anybody who know whether or not an x-ray would be an inadmissible search.]

Back to the point though, if letters aren't subject to Customs inspections, then that is obviously the best way to transport your confectioner's sugar, whether or not it be from Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, or Azerbaijan.

And how do you make it happen?

First, buy yourself a consumer grade vacuum sealer, the put your sugar in the bag, and seal it.

With your envelope size sealed bag, use a rolling pin to spread the sugar flat and uniform within the plastic container, then tape it to a piece of standard paper, fold, place in your envelope and post.

Bingo, shwingo.

Time for a sugar high.

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